The SVS Advantage

Relentless Focus On Quality

International standard inspection process for purity and functionality, from procurement to delivery.

Cost Advantage

Price guarantee agreements ensure cost control in fluctuating market situations.

Commitment To Cause

Dedicated and time-bound delivery of consignments to ensure production never stops.

SVS Brand

Decades of experience and strong presence in the domestic and international markets.

SVS' Principals

We are proud to associate with the following reputed and reliable companies

Strengthening ALLIANCE

Partnership and associations open up new market opportunities and access to local market knowledge. SVS Chemical commitment to equality and on-time delivery enables to spread itself to more geographical areas.


Petrochemicals, Agro-chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Polymer, Fertilizers and Pesticides.

Middle East

Water treatment, refinery and Oil drilling chemicals, fertilisers, paints and coatings, construction chemicals.

African Countries

Agro-chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Petrochemicals.

SVS prides itself on supplying to more than 350 customers and handling more than 50 products, making it a leading supplier of chemicals and solvents in India, Middle East & African countries.

Our Clients