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Our Beginning

  • SVS Chemicals is an integral part of “Shah Vithaldas Sakalchand (SVS)”, USD 30 million organization. Incorporated in 1917, SVS was carefully crafted by a team of established Grocers to export items like tea and sugar internationally. Back then, SVS was entrusted by East India Company, Tetly, Johnson & Johnson and Colgate. Today SVS have traveled a long way making it synonymous with excellence and unfathomable spirit. We have our strong distribution network in GLOBAL as well as LOCAL market of industrial chemicals and solvents.


  • Shah Vithaldas Sakalchand Chemical Corporation LLP, best known as SVS Chemical Corporation LLP, has established itself as a brand in chemicals and solvents distribution as well as trading industry. The Focus of SVS since its initial stages in 1981 has been to become a leader in GLOBAL and DOMESTIC market with network of associates. Our Journey have proved us to be known for our distribution solutions, as well as have access to the most sought-after market intelligence. SVS prides itself on supplying to more than 350 customers and handling more than 50 products, making it a leading supplier of chemicals and solvents. We have been doing the good work based on strong network of associates, ethical practices, dedicated team and visionary leadership.

A Relentless Focus On Quality

At the heart of SVS Chemical Corporation LLP is our perseverance to offer quality, at each step making each product perfect. Chemicals and solvents distributed by us maintains International standard of purity and functionality.

A Customer Driven Orientation

As a team of professionals constantly working towards customer satisfaction as the primary goal. Delivering products with best quality standards and on-time deliveries to cater customer expectations.

Our Price Commitments and Timely Delivery

Our clients have relied on our sharp with price and delivery schedule commitments till date, which is only possible because of the trained professionals and strong network of associates.

Strong Foothold in Industry

WIth over 90 years experience in different horizons of industries, SVS has been at the forefront of offering premium quality products and are intending to have a leading presence in DOMESTIC and GLOBAL market resulting not only from expanded sales presence but also from deep sense of commitments to our esteemed clients.

Our Facilities

A 2300 sq. ft. office in Pune, located in Heart of City

A well-connected network of transport facility that enable us to deliver you requirement even in short notice.

A well-connected network of transport facility that enable us to deliver you requirement even in short notice.

Our Clients